Monday, October 1, 2007

I wrote to Professor Irtel at Mannheim University to ask about the Munsell Poster Scott found in his Munsell search.
I received his reply this morning:

Dear Professor Irtel,
>Someone sent me a link to your Munsell Color notations poster.
> I am a painter here in the US (Colorado) and am presently working with the Munsell Color system in my paintings to realize more accurate color. I recently acquired the two volume set of color chips and was so excited to see this poster with all the notations on one sheet. Though I am just beginning to understand Munsell and mixing the correct hue/value/chroma with my oil paints, this could be a wonderful tool to glance at when standing at the easel.
>Not being very computer literate, I wonder if this poster has actually been printed or is it all computer generated?
>If it has been printed, is it possible to acquire several copies of this beautiful piece? I would appreciate any information you can give me.
>Thank you for your time and I look forward to your reply.

Sorry, it has not been printed, but you can take this file and bring it to a graphics or copy shop which is able to print A0 format from a file. A valid print, however, requires that the printing system is well calibrated. Otherwise the Munsell notations on the poster will not be valid.

Best regards,

H. Irtel

Anyone know a good printer with calibrated system?


Scott said...

Wow! Thank you so much for doing this. I had wondered about emailng him, but just wasn't sure. Okay. Google AO Format printing. I think it's an European format. I only found links in London. Here is one:

I will look around to see what is local and what local printers can tell me. I wonder how expensive it could be?

JeffL said...

Very cool Marsha!

I am located in Boulder, we should meet up sometime and talk art and color over some coffee / chai:)

ewschott said...

A0 is a wide format for printing - it's used, as noted for posters but also display advertising. The calibration would pretty much be dictated by the quality of the commercial printer.

My husband said this is what his company would use to produce this:

HP Design Jet 5000, 60" wide, 4 color, 600 dpi.

The plant that has this printer is near Philadelphia. He wasn't sure about line item price, but he doesn't think it's very expensive.

I am not sure if I remember seeing how the creator determines the correct calibration for the printer, or would he send this information should one decided to do this?

If it was created on a computer, in the old days the printing company would (If you were a large enough client) come and make sure your screen is calibrated to theirs in electronic pre-press.

It still surprises me that something that is sooooooo color critical, vs - a wall paper catalog which is very color critical - can be done with a 4 color process vs. a silk screen type application.

Let me know if you want my husband to research it further. He would need an idea of the quanity (since it's digital it wouldn't make much difference).

Qualifer... he works for what is now the largest printer in the world (his plant was one of the top printers in the midwest), which we find extremely sad, since there used to be 12 sales guys and we made money, now after 5 different buy outs, there are sales guys in the thousands. :(

marsha said...

The Irtel image that Scott found is a PDF file.

ewschott, perhaps your husband could look at it and determine just what would be needed from Dr. Irtel. If this file is enough or a different format is necessary. Perhaps he could also research cost.

Of course, the poster could not take the place of the chips,but having all of the color families and their cousins in one glance would be a treat no matter what!

I would love to have the poster and think this is worth pursuing but would like to hear Graydon's opinion. Hope he's finding time to read our comments.

Jeff, email me at We're in Broomfield, just down the road from you!

Scott said...

Hi Marsha and Beth!

I like your idea of getting this printed. Also, someone in another post thought that I wrote the professor. Don't want to steal your credit. You have taken the initiative to pursue this and I really appreciate it.

Count me in if this is do-able. I would love to have one on the wall in my studio, too. It won;'t replace the chips at all, and would be nice to have on display.


nystudios said...

Put me down for at least one copy.

ewschott said...

Wouldn't a PDF file be a PDF file?

I would think our main concern would be a signed release just in case he has a copyright.

Of course Mr. Graydon or Richard could then turn and do a bit of marketing and we could make it really lovely!.

Marvin you need to chime in here about the paper and printing, again pointing out the diference in paper on your scale!

Oh, I would be happy to ask the sales guy.

Does anyone know the specs? Like was is the highest resolution we can reduce from or even better can we get an original file, hopefully starting with a tiff - there must be an EPS if there is a PDF. Also what are the dimensions?

Would a matt paper finish be more true to the colors or a cold/plated cover weight stock?

What is the finished size? Is there anyone near Philly...excuse me like in NYC, that might go down for a proof OK? Especially someone in NYC that might know the process well? Like a M or G? Garth H. - does he use this theory? (Or should I be saying system?) We could give them a free poster :)

Anyway if someone could recontact Mr. creator and ask about the copyright? We would really need this in writing - sorry my daughters music career shining through, legalities are hell.

ewschott said...

Does anyone really want me to check into this?