Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I'm Sorry

I'm sorry, if I have posted subjects that I shouldn't of. I have posted things that have not been totally Munsell related and if this is the only thing this blog was developed for, I have been truely off base, and likely tedious or frustrating to other members - although, I was really trying to understand how it applied to a high chroma palette.

I thought it was about color and how you use it and how the Munsell system would apply, or maybe how any system/theories would apply.

I do apologize for my mis-understanding, Graydon please feel free to remove my post that aren't related to Munsell, I will be happy to just sit back and read.

:) Beth


Levine Gallery said...

Hi Beth,

Not that Graydon himself needs any more credibility, but his discussions with you and other who have asked questions about the practical application of Munsell and the clarity with which Graydon has responded to these queries and challenges are what encouraged me to give his ideas a try.

painterdog said...

Hi Beth,
I found your questions to be interesting and Graydon's responses very clear and concise.

I think for most people who have been painting for a while; and someone such as yourself who as years of experience, these ideas can seem daunting and new.
On some level if something is working why change. New ideas are sometimes hard to take in, and if they turn our previous ideas into doubt than it is even harder, at least I am dealing with this myself.

I use a full spectrum palette, but since working with this in the limited way I have been, I have seen that this is a more refined way of thinking.

ewschott said...

Thanks guys it has been a struggle.

:) Beth

graydon said...


It doesn't bother me. Two things, though. Try doing some of the excercise. I don't mind giving you specific ones. And secondly, try making your questions concise. ( Or I will have to limit you to one paragraph per post. LOL )

ewschott said...

Here's a short one...

By "string" do you mean lightening the values?

:) Thanks Graydon...

at Marvin's workshop he said I was only allowed to ask one question during his slide presentation ;)

ewschott said...

Oops, I meant highest chroma too.

Rich said...


Within one hue one could have a chroma string, all at the same value; a value string, all at the same chroma; or one could have a sliding string, where both factors change. This is one of the extraordinary benefits of working this way. You need the book(s) to understand how this works, and then you'd need to do the exercises. It's very difficult to grasp this purely on an intellectual level.