Friday, October 12, 2007

What's UP?

Is anyone else getting as confused as I am about what to post where and which post to comment on if there are repeated in two different places?

Is the google site going to be the catch all - or is Graydon's new one going to take all the art stuff and put it all together?

Thanks for any clarification.



graydon said...

The new forum will take the place of Rational Color. It should be up in a week or two.

I am posting here for the most part. I have been a bit frustrated with the google group format.

ewschott said...

Thank goodness someone else is... other than my "stupid" questions not being answered ;), the format is incredibly hard to keep up with.

Hey Graydon that my be a good section for the new forum... stupid questions from Beth!

graydon said...

Your questions aren't stupid.

You had wanted to know about galleries. Beth, I really don't understand them that well. I have seen very good artists get rejected from my own gallery, and others, much less talented, accepted.

Why do the top galleries promote art that is merely a rehash of Dada? I have seen black boxes and orange boxes, red squares, blue squares, coffins on mechanical bulls, guys masturbating with boxing gloves on, wigs on the floor, ketchup packages, pubic hairs and portraits done in human feces: all of these graced the floors and walls of the most expensive Chelsea galleries, galleries that pay at least 100,000.00 a month in rent.

So, its hard to understand, because it isn't logical.

I would just find the galleries where you want to show and apply every year. Ask them what they are looking for and taylor, just a bit, your work to fit in. I say just a bit because some sell still lives and landscapes quicker than figures, so you might take this into consideration. That is, add these elements to your work.

The only thing I have found is to be expensive. When a person cannot tell a good painting from a bad one, they can certainly tell an expensive one from a cheap one. Art is Neiman Marcus. Price it as such.

ewschott said...

Thanks Graydon,

I really think a lot of the galleries are just trying to appeal to interior decorators, meaning a black square will fill a space nicely and match the couch.

When the Mapplethorpe(sp)exhibit was in our city and it was so controversial they took the curator to court - they had to be so careful they would not even let my daughter who was a new born in. My sister had to sit with her so I had to go through myself. He's one hell of photographer and the controversial ones were small and in a glass case, I didn't get all the hoopla, any way I ended up following a black group of ladies who I really think were a church group. They loved all the orchids then you rounded a corner and "The Gray Suit" was there, wow those black fella's - the stereotype must be true :), well you have never seen a group of ladies laughing so hard so I just followed them. What a hoot.

I'll start doing some research, we have one that must have 40 artist or more on their listing, I wrote to them but did not here back. So I guess I should just visit, one person told me I should ask if they are having group shows.?

Thanks again.