Saturday, October 6, 2007

Color Wheel in progress

(Sorry if this appears twice...blogger had an error and wouldn't publish the first one...says it's a draft in post listings. Hopefully I can remember what I wrote the first time!)

Here is the latest version of my color wheel.

I've added the 2.5 and 7.5 chips, as well as, the Munsell chips - trying to see where I'm off. I'll have to re-do a few. One of the purples dried too light and one of the greens doesn't look right here...maybe I picked up the wrong chips - or actually maybe I just didn't hit the target! One of the RP is 3/8 instead of the full chroma...don't know how that happened!

I really wish I had mixed enough of these to tube!!! Then that would be over. However, I did write on the back of each chip it's Munsell notation and the pigments used. (also on paper)

The chips inside the circle are pigments straight from the tube, with a bit of white added for darker colors. They are placed at random, but close to their families. I'll check all of them with the Munsell Book and find their correct placement later, as well as notate everything on the board.

Any advise???

For those of you attempting this project...keep's an eye opening experience to say the least!
(When I see this wheel from a distance is nearly moves...vibrates like it's going to whirl off!)


graydon said...

Now, in the inner circle, place commonly used pigments. Find, for example, where yellow ochre, burnt sienna, Al. Crimson etc. fall. Place them under their hues and closer, or farther, away from the neutral center. Raw umber, for example, is more neutral than burnt place it close to the neutral center. One could create a larger wheel with all the chroma plotted. Well, ones work is never done.

Great Job Marsha!

Scott said...

Absolutely Beautiful!!!

ewschott said...

Marsha, I am just learning here... but this would make a great piece of non-representational art for those who do not know what it is!

Did you say you painted those chips? I think I also saw a post with you talking about the paint brands/hues/colors that work best.?

marsha said...

Thank you, Beth.

Yes, I painted every one of those chips after comparing my paint mixes with the Munsell Big Book.

I used the list of paint colors listed elsewhere in this blog - most of which I already had, but purchased some new reds and a yellow shade of Phthalo green.

Anyone can do the same thing if they are as determined as I am to gather every gold nugget that has been so generously shared here and yearn to be a better painter. And to think...this is only the beginning!

It's worth it to go back and read and re-read every post, since the beginning of this blog,the heated discussions as well; read the Student Book on the Munsell System, try matching paint mixes to those chips included in the Student Book, and then when ready to do the work, invest in the Munsell Big Book of Color.

John said...


It's great to see your progress! Stunning! I just began my wheel today. I started with 5R. Geez, it wasn't as easy as I thought it was going to be (not that I thought that it would be too easy.) Going back and looking at the chips I finished today it looks like I might be redoing a few.

I agree, what an eye-opening exercise!

Just finished applying gesso to my spheres so I'm hoping to get that done this week too. I'm thinking of doing neutrals first then 5YR 7/4 since it's close to flesh. Was that your approach?

Thanks for posting!


marsha said...

Thanks, John.

I think we must do our neutral spheres before the 5YR spheres.

As you continue with your Color Wheel/Pigment File, I think you'll find that your eyes become more sensitive to subtle differences - (mine sure have!)necessary to discern the correct mixes for neutrals.

I'm re-doing my neutral mixes for the third time! It's much easier now that I have the correct tool to compare them with - namely the Munsell Glossy Neutral booklet.

For me, this is learning a foreign language. Right now we are practicing the 'vowel sounds' and how they work with the 'consanants'.

When we get to actually painting paintings of the neutral spheres, we'll be practicing simple, yet deep sentences that when painted well, will enable us to graduate to the next level of painting the 5YR spheres. (I'll be doing my neutral spheres over again until I get them right!)

Eventually, we'll be painting 'whole paragraphs', 'best sellers' and some will even produce coveted first editions!

John said...

That's a great analogy!

Susan Flockhart said...

That is a work of art all by itself - beautiful.