Thursday, October 11, 2007

Gamblin Paints

I added a link to Gamblin because 1. They offer some nice modern organics at a reasonable price and 2. They address some aspect of Munsell.

The problem here is that their Munsell notations are just approximate. Also, they muddle them up with the terms warm and cool instead of neutral vs. chromatic. Warm and cool are too vague to be of much use to the painter.


painterdog said...

I have mixed feelings about Gamblin paint.
But they do offer all the new colors for a good price and I recently bought some Napthol Red which is pretty nice.

Although I have read that the Perelyn Red is far better a pigment for light fastness.

I was on the Gamblin site recently and watched a strange video of Mr. Gamblin painting.

His ideas on painting are not the same as mine.

Well enough said about that.

I am going to most likely buy Perelyn red ,Diox Purple, and the Quinacridone Violet from them as it seems the only decent company that has these colors.

ewschott said...

I have actually met Mr. Gamblin, he's pretty interesting and alot of his paint comes from the very issue he hates any thing hazardess.

Bill Whitaker likes his paint and has his workshop students get this brand - well he did many moons ago.

Gamblin has a pretty colorful set palette, he mainly paints plien aire, and loves the impressionist thus his "pastel" line. (do they still have them?) OH has a color "OH Violet-Grey" that reminds me of them but is not as high in chroma - I love it.

He does have some great marketing brochures with paint colors, where they come from and their history.

He reminds me of Kitty Wallace - just great at marketing.

I think there is always concern when a supplier of anything becomes a larger company that they may be lowering their quality. I don't really know enough about the difference in oil paints except the discussions I have seen about linseed oil vs. the safflower oil. Are these considered binders?

Well I finally learned what Linoxyn's name means.

nystudios said...
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