Saturday, September 29, 2007

"High Chroma Blues"

(Thought you might get a chuckle from a story I related to Rich.)

A very funny story to me... while working with Munsell and the color wheel, I copied a post from Graydon about "high chroma blues" and titled the message to myself that way.

When my husband, Steve saw the title, he was convinced it was an old blues song, asked me "Where are the words?" With bits and pieces of things he's heard me say or do, he began to make up verses on his own, then sang to me when we went to bed that night - "She's got the High Chroma Blues"... just like an old blues guy from the 30's! "Doesn't have a 16, but maybe 14 will do -she knows the one she's using ain't the one that Graydon would...etc. etc. - She's got the High Chroma Blues." He got out at least three verses with the above chorus!

Of course he didn't write them down and most wouldn't make sense to anyone, but maybe our group, and even then it'd be a stretch! I was laughing so hard, I couldn't think straight! He's still making up one-liners to the the old standard blues tune as I come into a room or start muttering about mixing painting... absolutely puts me in stitches and I'm bound to re-think my mood!

He thinks it'd be a best seller with the chroma people! I didn't know he could sing like that!!!

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Anonymous said...

Marsha, this is great!!! LOL!