Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Please do not double-post

As I am putting together a database of posts (in preparation for a forum) made to the blogs and the google-group, I would be EXTREMELY grateful if people do not double-post onto both the blog and the google group - please post only on one (personally, it would be easier for me if posts were made to the blog here - which Graydon has also said he prefers to post on).



Paul F said...

Like Marsha said on the Google group, I want to thank you for doing this Dave, particularly so because I know how much work is involved in that kind of thing.

Please feel free not to copy and paste this reply into the db. I feel bad about posting now and giving you another job...

ewschott said...

Dave some of us worked hard to get some great artist over there, but the good stuff is here. That's why I've been double posting.

Can we just close that place and have everyone here?

It is not attractive and very hard to navigate.

Dave said...

Thanks, Paul, and Beth - no need for anyone to feel guilty - just trying not to have stuff duplicated - I'll have the forum contents sorted out over the next day or so, and we are just waiting for the domain/hosting to be activated so I can install the forum software. With a bit of luck, we should all be using the forum within a day or two.


John said...

Yeah! to the forum. Thanks, Dave!