Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Golden or Liquitex vs. Munsell

The Golden acylic neutrals are off as well as someone else noted. Here is a picture of a neutral 5 mixed to munsell vs. Golden neutral 5 which tends to PB. Liquitex Neutral 5 gesso primer is even more PB. BTW these aren't done yet, I still have about 2-3 layers of paint left to go.


MarieMeyer said...

Where did you get your spheres?

marsha said...

These are going to be beautiful, Neal!

How big did you make each sphere in your painting so you could paint the values properly?
(By the way, Marie, I got my spheres/cubes at Michael's/Hobby Lobby.)

Darn, I used Golden Acrylic V5 for my color wheel board...should have checked it - I certainly now have the tools!

Rich said...

Marsha, it's probably not that far off that it would adversely affect your color wheel. How is that coming, by the way? Post a pic when you get a chance.

marsha said...

Hi Rich! (Thanks again for organizing this!)

Actually I checked the dried Golden V5 board with the Munsell glossy V5 and they are an exact match to my eye.

Waiting for better reds to arrive- other than that, I'm ready to place the samples on the wheel.I'm going to try these little 'glue dot's' I found at Walgreens.

Did you find it useful to put the lines in and label each hue - 10PB, 5PB near each sample - like the Munsell wheel shows?

painterdog said...

The Golden Acrylic Grays are related to the pantone color system and are not good to use at all.

Read the information on the web site.
Neutral Gray N5
Pantone Matching System: Cool Gray 9

Rich said...

Hi Marsha,

Yes, we labeled each line, and included the mixes to get the color. It's a great reference, and I'm going to do some other ones for the colors I use most, such as RP which is what I'm using for all these magnolias I'm painting. Just got commisioned to do another one...