Thursday, September 27, 2007

Work in Progress

Here's what I've done so far. That's tape as guidelines for the lines...will use a black marker unless someone knows of something better. The chips are not glued down yet, so please make sugsessions! Also where did you write the paints used?...near the chips, on the back?

Also have included the Golden vs Munsell Value 5. I only use the Golden Acrylic for something like this board's close enough for me. Since I paint in oils, all of my cubes/spheres/chips/paintings are all done in oil paint and as close to the Munsell tools as I can get them. (Sorry the photos are a bit blurry.)

Congrats on the commission, Rich!


painterdog said...

Looks good.
So your making separate chips in stead of painting on the board.
That's an interesting approach.

By the way your an inspiration for me
to get moving on this.

John said...

This is great!
I'm glad I saw yours because I'm getting started on mine today and I may have missed something. Do you mind if I ask what the smaller chips are? Are they your standard palette colors?
Thanks and great job!

marsha said...

Thanks you guys! Getting feedback is so helpful!

I used hardboard for the main board (couldn't get masonite).I thought of using the multimedia board but could only find the small sizes locally. Also, when I tried painting on multimedia board in the past, I found it very absorbant. Maybe if it was sealed with something it would work great. Also, as Graydon or someone said earlier, if you paint the hues on top of the gray background, you have to paint several coats to get the proper color. (I primed the hardboard with white primer on both sides, so it wouldn't warp too badly.)

Michael's has some balsa wood-like shapes called 'woodsies'. They are very thin and reasonably priced. These also were sprayed with the primer - wish I had used two coat of that to get a brighter white.I then wrote the Munsell notation on the back along with the pigments/manufacturer. I still have to figure out a way to note this on the front after they are glued down. Although I plan to use those glue dots (which are supposedly repositionable - they really stick and take up the paint on the back!) and did think about velcro - just not enough room for the velcro plus the notations!

The smaller chips are the 2.5 and 7.5 Munsell high chroma chips. Some of them (outside the main ring, are straight paint with white, but a different color name than the paint used to make the chip I was matching. Ex. Cobalt blue instead of phthlo blue. I know Graydon didn't instruct us to make these, but I wanted to see the differences. Just flipping back and forth in the Big Book,I noticed that the brightest 'candy apple red' seems to be in the 7.5 range. Not that I'll ever use it, but I'll know where it is should I need it.

I've also painted the small chips with my standard palette paints and will include those as Graydon suggested. I'm not sure exactly what's best there - straight paint from the tube, but with some that I usually use in mixes like transp.oxide red is quite dark, but I rarely use it with white, so I painted a small strip of this as well, but that maybe going a big far.

Rich said...

Wow, Marsha, you're setting the bar pretty high! Nice job.

GrayHound said...

Marsha ROCKS!

MarieMeyer said...

Thanks for posting this. General question: for the Munsell big books and value scales, are you all buying the matte or glossy versions?

marsha said...

Glossy for me.

mikemlz said...

Can anyone recommend a source for the big book other than Xrite. They're back-ordered to the end of Oct. and can't say when they're geting more in.

Rich said...

X-Rite's the only source, and they've been baclogged far worse than that. Get the glossy version so you can put the paint mix right on the chip and wipe it clean.

mikemlz said...

Thanks Rich

Anonymous said...

I posted this in an earlier section where it may have got lost, and would like to repost it here if you don't mind:

"I am about to ask a big favour. AS you know my Munsell Books and Value Set are stil missing and it may take some time before I will finally have them.
I am pretty keen on doing the colour wheel but without the chips it's near impossible. I have come up with an idea though: If I would have the accurate Notations of the hues (10 and 5) at their highest chroma, I may beable to get the chips(ie colour samples) from one of the local paint stores. Maybe...?!
So my favour is: Would anyone be willing to write me a list with the Notations??? Please?
I would hug you for it if you were here."

I corrected some of of the typo's.

And before I go: Marsha, you're work is a pure visual sensation. Thank you for posting here and also for setting up the Album in Photobucket. That's very time and energy consuming and I appreciate it greatly.

nystudios said...

Hey Anneke,

It is more than likely that the highest chromas don't exist in the paint store variety color chips. Also, most of those that I am familiar with are made on satin paper, not glossy chips...very different. Finally, I don't know how the printing on those is done but I doubt that they are as accurate as a munsell chip that is made with real pigment. I think you will just have to wait a bit and suffer. :(

Anonymous said...


Hi! You know, Marsha has gotten started with her photobucket, by showing her paint chips and her mixture notations. Is that what you needed? You can get an idea of what mixes with what to hit a certain target. You could use the computer screen instead of the big book to calibrate your colors against. I think that there is a section on how to do this in the Munsell book. I would take the time, myself, to put it out there for you. Let me know if I understand what you need.


Anonymous said...

Neal and Scott, thanks for your responses.
Neal: you may be too right. What I might do is take the Munsell chips, I do have, to the paint shop and see if they can notate them. If yes, I may be able to get matching samples. You never know....
How big is the differeance between the satin and the glossy chipsI have not seen the glos ones yet, so forgive me asking.
Scott: In order to do the wheel accurately I need to have the chips in my hand, so to speak. Sure I may be able to get them properly calibrated on my monitor, but the differance between what i get on screen and what I get on print out it rather large and I have not been able to work my way around that one yet.
I have worked with the Munsell programm CMC2 but I had the same problems: looking okay on screen but print was off and also in comparison to the print of the subject I wanted to paint.
What Marsha showed was great,and a good point of reference, however I do not have all the paints she used to create the colours, so I need to be able to get the same result with paints/brands I have here.
What I am looking for would be notations such as 5YR/7/12 for example, for the highest chroma per colour. However as Neal pointed out, getting it from the paint store may be near impossible as well. T'was a nice idea though..

In all I think you are right Neal, however sad it may be: I just need to sit it out and wait for the books.
Nice to read about the backlog though. Sigh.
Tll soon.

Anonymous said...

"On the outer limits of chroma, those with the Munsell notation of /12 or greater, the chemistry becomes critical. For some hues, there are several options, for others like the purple-blues, there are few choices. The following list of colors will hit almost everything within the range of paint, including the highest chromas.

Titanium White,
Ivory Black
Burnt Umber
Alizarin Crimson (lightfast variety)
Perelyn Red
Napthol Red
Cadmium Orange (or Mono Orange)
Cadmium Lemon (or Hansa Yellow Light )
Phthalo Green (Yellow Shade helps a bit)
Phthalo Blue
Ultramarine Blue
Diox Purple
Quinacridone Violet (the pinker one...might be labeled Maroon)
Quinacridone Red

This list covers almost all of the extremes...and most (98 percent) hues can be made by these mixtures without loss in chroma. They are not, however, the most convenient. For example, its easier to mix flesh tones with earth colors like yellow ochre and burnt sienna".

***&Previously posted by Graydon at another forum. Hope this is something you can use, too.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Where can we get the above wall chart? I didn't notice it on Greta-McBeth's website. It could be no longer printed, but, I sure hope it is.

Any help would be nice. I got a spot on the studio wall I want it for.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...


How do we upload pictures?

marsha said...

Morning the main page for the blog- at the top right hand corner, there's the dashboard where you log in etc. A new window opens up to compose new posts/photos (click on the photo icon.)and follow directions.

I found the University of Mannheim site and Dr. Irtel's page. It looks to me like this is all computer generated?? If this has actually been printed, I'd sure like a copy too!

"Here are some modern color systems. These have been generated by a Postscript program from published CIE xy-chromaticities assuming a standard illuminant and a video gamma of 2.2."

Munsell Book of Color
DIN 6164 Farbenkarte
Download PDF-Files of these:

Munsell Book of Color in DIN A3 Format
Munsell Book of Color in DIN A0 Format
DIN 6164 Farbenkarte in DIN A3 Format
DIN 6164 Farbenkarte in DIN A0 Format