Saturday, September 29, 2007

Interesting Munsell Wheel

Can be used to create a color wheel that has small swatches of color in between the highest chroma swatches. I am erasing the outer ring of increments and will work the incremental steps in between them, while keeping the highest chroma swatches on their respective letters.


Rich said...

Scott, where did you find that? I know there are some older versions online.

Scott said...

Hi Rich!

I did a search for different Munsell things; Munsell wall charts, Munsell color chips. I only looked at the images of the results, and only the first 35 pages of each. (Couldn't sleep last night...) I can retrace it. There were lots of different things ascribed to Munsell. I thnk that this is an early one that might have been in a book.


Scott said...

Most of the color charts are produced by physics departments. There are more color charts on this guys page. Enjoy!

Anneke said...

Thanks Scott,
Your research is much appraciated.
Thanks also for the colour chart in your earlier post. (Forgot about that one.) Big help indeed.

Scott said...


You are most welcome!!! Glad to share anything that I come across!


John said...

This would be cool on a t-shirt!